Over 100 people arrested for electricity theft January

The Jamaica Public Service (JPS) says 102 people have been arrested since the company increased efforts to clamp down on electricity theft across the island this year.

JPS said as a result, it has recovered 16.8 million kilowatt hours, which, according to the power company, is enough to power just over 100 homes using an average of 165 kWh per month.

Meanwhile, a total of 168,932 throw-ups have reportedly been removed from the network from the January to August period, JPS added.

JPS said that after conducting several audits, electricity theft was revealed to be most prevalent in Clarendon followed by St James and Westmoreland.

It also disclosed that its audits of commercial and residential properties revealed that the lowest level of electricity theft was in Portland, with Hanover and St Thomas close behind.

JPS is encouraging people who are illegally abstracting electricity to regularise their service.

“Since the start of the year, 900 persons have taken steps to become legitimate customers, having not done so before. [JPS] is reminding persons that the Company is now using multiple methods, including sophisticated technology, to unearth instances of electricity theft,” JPS said.

The company urged people who are not regularised to contact 888-CALLJPS or visit its social media platforms @myjpsonline for more information on legalising their service.


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