Opposition wants more aggressive approach to hurricane response

PLP leader Phillip Davis, in a weekend statement, said that the Government needed to be more urgent in dealing with the situation in the Abacos and Grand Bahama islands, the two islands hardest hit by the category 5 hurricane when it slammed into the country on September 1.

Prime Minister Dr Hurbert Minnis has, in the past, urged that a non-partisan political approach be adopted as the country responds to the efforts to rebuild following the hurricane that some estimates say caused damage as much as US$7 billion and killed 44 people to date.

“The Progressive Liberal Party remains fully committed to the restoration of the affected communities and will support this national effort by continuing to provide relief, aid and assistance to our distressed brothers and sisters, in addition to being their national voice of advocacy to bring a measure of normalcy to their everyday lives,” Davis said in the statement.

He said he shares the “widely held public view that given the extent and nature of the damage sustained generally, a more urgent, aggressive and substantive intervention by government agencies is desperately needed than has occurred to date.

“The Government must now accelerate its efforts to alleviate widespread and extreme suffering among our people,” he said, adding “it is clear that this storm has devastated these communities and the residents there are in urgent need of relief and very strong support.”

The authorities have also come under criticism from former Attorney General Alfred Sears, who said there has been a collapse of critical functions of the State in the aftermath of the hurricane.


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