Attorney General and Minister of Legal Affairs, Public Safety and Labour Honourable Steadroy Benjamin declared the second floor of Police Headquarters open in a brief ceremony held on Tuesday, 27th April 2021.

In what could be described as a historical and long-awaited moment, the second floor of the Police Headquarters building is completed and is ready for use. The road to this momentous occasion spanned more than twenty years and today officers at the Police Headquarters can enjoy utilizing all floors of the building.

Minister Benjamin in his address spoke of his delight in seeing the eventual completion of this project and praised the efforts of the Ministry of Works. He thanked the Police Welfare Association (PWA) for bringing to his attention the working conditions of Police Officers and pledged further support to improve these conditions. 

The Minister spoke highly of the commitment of officers to fight crime as this could be seen in the overall decrease of serious crimes despite their working conditions. The Honourable Minister petitioned the Ministry of Works to finish the unfinished stations and committed to providing the necessary resources to make this a reality.

Commissioner of Police Atlee P. Rodney in delivering his welcoming remarks noted that the police organization is celebrating the collective sacrifices of past efforts that brought about these happenings. He appealed to the officers to utilise the facility wisely and to value its worth. Also, Commissioner Rodney beseeched of the policymakers to make this type of event a regular occurrence on the police force’s Calendar of Events, bearing in mind that there is still work to be done at the Criminal Investigation Department, Bolans, Parham, All Saints and Barbuda Police Stations to mention a few.

Mr Clarence Pilgrim, Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Works in his delivery stated that he was elated at being part of the upgrade and modernization of the police organization and reiterates his ministry’s commitment to providing exceptional service to the Police Force. He mentioned that plans for the Parham Police Station are currently being worked on in earnest and that a building has been identified for the relocation of the Bolans Police Station as negotiations continue into its procurement.