One dead, two injured in Manchester shooting

Police are probing the circumstances in which a 23-year-old man was killed and two others seriously injured in a shooting incident on the Devon main road in northern Manchester, Monday afternoon.

Police have identified the dead man as Kevoy Lawrence of Bridgewater, Discovery Bay, St Ann. Two other men, of Brown’s Town, St Ann addresses are in hospital.

The injured men told police investigators that all three had driven to a lonely spot on the Devon main road to buy a Nissan Tida motor car which had been advertised for sale on the internet. However, the men said when they arrived at 3:30 pm, they were fired on by men travelling in a Tida motor car.

Lawrence reportedly died on the spot while the two survivors managed to drive away from the scene to a doctor’s office in Christiana. From there, they were rushed to hospital by police.

Investigators who recovered in excess of $330,000 from the vehicle in which the injured men were travelling, are theorising that the mission may really have been to buy illegal guns and that the deal went sour.

The police also suspect that the major players in the shooting incident may be involved in lotto scamming.

Police say more than 18 spent shells were collected from the scene of the shooting.

Head of the Manchester Police Wayne Cameron told OBSERVER ONLINE that special attention will have to be paid to the movement of migrant criminals into northern Manchester.

 “From our perspective, we see we have to strengthen our presence on the northern border (with St Ann and Clarendon) to deal with migrant criminals,” said Cameron.