Nzingha makes her check list for PiAngoFest

            Nzingha of Nzingha’s Greenhouse is a Farmer/Agro-processor who will be present at this year’s PineappleMango Fest (PiAngoFest) and she is excited about the event in which she has been participating for a number of years.

 She has been in the field of farming for over two decades and grows seedlings, eggplants, tomato, and cabbage among others.

            As an agro processor for about 12-15 years, she produces jams, taffies, cakes and sweets etc.

  Nzingha listed a number of products that she will have on display made from both pineapple and mango, some of which you may be hearing or better yet, tasting, for the first time.

 “I will have mango and pineapple taffy and sweeties, mango fried chicken, pineapple fungi, mango wine, mango pineapple ice cream and much more. “

            As an agro processor she only sells her products locally, however, she does wish to export these products in the future.

Nzingha said she hopes that some day, she will be able to get the opportunity to participate in St. Croix` Agro- fest.

“When St. Croix has its agro fest I would like to sell my cassava flour, Bambula and other products,” stated Nzingha.

            Nzingha said that she is looking forward to PiAngoFest as it will give local agro- processors great exposure and an opportunity to see what other agro- processors make with the local mango and pineapple.


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