When a UK family living in Antigua and Barbuda heard Matt Hancock, the UK Secretary of State for Health, claim that Vitamin D did not appear to have any impact on the Coronavirus, they knew that he was wrong. To highlight the importance of this vital hormone, husband and wife team Paul and Vennetta Johnston, and their daughter Chloe have chosen World Vitamin D day (November 2nd) to launch their Caribbean inspired Vitamin D3 supplement range and glamping wellness retreat on Valley Church Beach in Antigua.  

In 2017 the Johnstons who resided in Nottinghamshire, returned to Antigua and their Caribbean roots, to set up Wild Lotus, a luxury beach glamping resort.  

In March 2020, when borders around the world started closing due to COVID-19, they knew instinctively that their best chance of survival was to build their physical resilience. This meant staying in Antigua in the sunshine. To date, with a population of 102,000, Antigua has had just 3 COVID related deaths.  

There is mounting evidence that people with Vitamin D deficiency suffer far worse outcomes of COVID-19. In the northern hemisphere, death rates have been highest amongst people with darker skin who need longer exposure to sunlight to make the hormone, and people in care homes who rarely go outdoors.  

‘It was heart-breaking to see so many COVID related deaths. This inspired us to reinforce the message about the vital role that sunshine plays in maintaining optimum health. Sending ‘Sunshine’, with love from Antigua, to our friends around the world is our small way of letting them know that we are thinking of them, and that they will always get a warm and sunny welcome’ says Vennetta Johnston, owner at Wild Lotus.  

Guests who book the Naturally Wild Wellness retreat will receive 2 months’ supply of ‘Sunshine’ the aptly named Wild Lotus range of Vitamin D3 supplements, to help maintain optimum health through the cold winter months, whilst dreaming of Antigua’s beaches. They can choose a blend of Vitamin D3 with coconut oil, or CBD oil. Both ingredients have proven health benefits and are indigenous to Antigua.   

Vitamin D3 is known as the Sunshine Vitamin because the body produces it when skin is exposed to sunlight. According Dr. Michael Holick, the Boston University researcher and scientific advisor to the Vitamin D society in Canada, Vitamin D deficiency is linked with a raft of diseases including cancer, cardiovascular disease (CVD), dementia, diabetes mellitus (DM), falls and fractures, multiple sclerosis (MS), and respiratory tract infections.  

However, he cautions that Vitamin supplements are not a substitute for sun exposure. He says “When you are exposed to sunlight, you make not only vitamin D but also at least five and up to ten additional photoproducts that you would never get from dietary sources or from a supplement”.   

A 2016 University of Edinburgh study concluded that one of the best things anyone living in the Northern hemisphere can do for their health is take a winter sunshine holiday. Our bodies have the capacity to store Vitamin D. A couple of weeks of bright sunshine in midwinter can provide enough Vitamin D to last until spring when the sun has gathered some strength in the British Isles.  

After months of lockdown and isolation travellers are seeking outdoor wellness experiences that build physical resilience and personal reconnection. Guests can enjoy beach yoga, CDB oil massage, forest bathing, cardio drumming, and even learn to play steel pan, all set in either on the beach or in the rainforest for maximum health benefits.  

Glamping on one of the best beaches in Antigua and enjoying a wellness retreat in nature is the ideal way to rejuvenate mind, body and soul and top up your reserves of this vital hormone.  

Delivery of Vitamin D supplements will be after holiday balance paid and prior to your departure wherever possible, in some cases delivery will be made upon return. Only one packet of 60 tablets per booking on a direct booking. Whilst stocks last. Offer can be withdrawn at any time.  


Vennetta Johnston  

UK +44 (0) 7534 835 859  

Antigua +1 268 788 5898  



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