None of the 420 killings is a cold case -Guyana Police Force

The Guyana Police Force says none of the more than 420 killings between 2002 and 2006 has been declared a cold case.

“Investigations into the deaths of those persons during that period of our history have never been closed and (the Guyana Police Force) is consequently urging anyone who may be in possession of any information into the incidents to come forward and inform the Police,” the law enforcement agency said in a statement.

Reacting to an article earlier this month by the privately-owned Stabroek News, the police force urged “anyone with information on those incidents to come forward” and inform investigators.

The Police Force says such information or tips could be submitted anonymously. “Such information/tips need not be submitted directly in person but can be done and will be accepted through any of the traditional means of communication or via Social Media,” the police force said.

The David Granger-led administration has conducted only one Commission of Inquiry into one such incident – the killing of several miners at Lindo Creek in 2008.

The Inquiry had recommended compensation, but so far government has not paid out any money.


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