All schools will be closed tomorrow as the country continues on a riverine high risk alert.

Government offices and businesses, however, will remain opened.

This was announced by Minister of National Security Stuart Young at a press conference in Port-of-Spain this afternoon.

Tuesday is a public holiday – Republic Day.

Young said the decision was taken following a meeting with the Trinidad and Tobago Meteorological Services.

He said there was no need, at this time, to shut down Government offices and other businesses.

He also warned citizens to remain indoors unless it is absolutely necessary.

Young said, “We want to warn citizens when there are heavy rainfall and flash flooding it is not a good idea to jump in vehicle and go out there. Exercise caution in next 24 hours. Do not venture out until it is absolutely need to. We are asking please avoid going out in vehicle unless necessary in next 24 hours.”

He also warned homeowners to steer clear of live electrical wires.

And parents were warned against encouraging children to enter flood waters.

Minister of Local Government Kazim Hosein said there were reports of flooding in areas in west Trinidad. He said the ministry was informed of fallen trees in San Fernando, Mayaro, Tunapuna and other areas.

He said all 14 regional corporation were activated and ready to assist.

The Beetham shelter has been activated and 50 people were now being housed there, he said.

Public Utilities Minister Robert Le Hunte said all utilities were activated. He said the Trinidad and Tobago Electricity Commission (T&TEC) crews were working on 65 reports in Tobago and 43 in Trinidad.

Le Hunte said by later tonight Trinidad would be reconnected. He said there were challenges in Tobago but it is expected to be resolved by midday tomorrow.


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