No more available beds at QEH

The majority of the 519 in-patient beds at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital (QEH) are occupied and officials warn this has affected the delivery of several services.
In a statement issued tonight, the QEH said patients seeking help at the Accident and Emergency Department will experience lengthy waits, only emergency surgeries will be performed and emergency ambulance services will also be delayed.
The hospital explained that it has reached its capacity, “due in part to the large number of persons awaiting elective surgery, and the continued provision of care to persons classified as Elderly for Care (EFC).
“Presently the QEH is home to at least 30 EFCs who have been cleared for discharge but whose relatives due to socio-economic and other factors are unable or ill-equipped to provide the care which they require in the home environment. Until they are placed in an appropriate alternative care facility, these elderly patients remain under the care of the QEH, and utilize beds needed for patients who require acute care.
The QEH however assured that patient care will not be compromised despite the challenges.
“We wish to assure the public that no patient will be discharged before the medical team determines it is safe to do so; and that our medical and nursing staff are working assiduously to review and discharge only those patients who no longer require hospitalization and can be safely managed at home,” it said.


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