No infrastructure in Jamaica should be named after politicians

Government Member of Parliament (MP) for South West St Catherine Everald Warmington says no infrastructure in Jamaica should be named after any politicians.

Warmington was responding to a motion in Parliament today to name the roadway from Ferris to Mackfield in Westmoreland in honour of Jamaica’s first native Governor General Sir Clifford Campbell.

The response by Warmington also came after Opposition MP Dwyane Vaz from the Central Westmoreland constituency suggested that the road in question should be named after former MP Roger Clarke given the fact that a school was already named after Sir Clifford.

“It is either Sav-la-mar or Petersfield or Blackness or some other area but it should not be named after any politicians.

“I don’t want nothing named after me. The greatest honour for me, is for the people of South West St Catherine to have elected me six times to represent them.

“The greatest honour is being elected by the people to represent them and that should be enough… and not naming some school, some road or some toilet or something after us but just being here with the honour of representing the people is enough.

“I don’t need any monument named after me,” Warmington stridently said.  


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