No community spread, Bostic says as Barbados records six additional cases of COVID-19

Minister of Health and Wellness, Lt Col Jeffery Bostic has confirmed that Barbados has recorded an additional six cases of COVID-19. He made the announcement while delivering his end of year message on Sunday.

“As we get set to commence this week of Christmas preparations, I urge each of you to be on your guard. Already in the past 24 hours we have heard of eight new cases. And, as Minister of Health and Wellness, I have the authority to notify you that already today we have confirmed six additional cases, three of these involving a single non-Barbadian family. There are potential developments related to that particular series of screenings, and these will be relayed to you, if the situation warrants,” he said.

Bostic maintained that Barbados does not have community spread.

“We do not have community spread in Barbados and our number of cases per capita is quite low, when compared to other countries in the region, the hemisphere and the international community. As of 6 p.m. today, Barbados would have conducted 9,991 COVID-19 PCR tests for December alone, of which 46 were confirmed cases.”

He cautioned however that Barbadians must not become complacent.

“This must not be a basis for us to take our eyes off the prize. The prize in this instance, is the preservation of life and maintenance of good health. To date, Barbados has managed its encounter and experience with COVID-19 very well. But it takes only one slip up or mishap to create an unsavory situation.”


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