Nicole Dyer-Griffith: “We’re as good as gold…”

On the day of her wed­ding an­niver­sary, amongst the heavy crit­i­cisms of the gen­er­al pub­lic of every move her hus­band, Gary Grif­fith, Com­mis­sion­er of Po­lice (CoP) makes, Nicole Dy­er-Grif­fith as­sures that they both—along with her mar­riage—are “good as gold.”

On Mon­day morn­ing, top cop Gary Grif­fith took to Face­book, apol­o­gis­ing to her for not “tak­ing her out.”

With the nu­mer­ous deaths threats made against his fam­i­ly, Grif­fith was forced to send his wife and son to a for­eign coun­try to live.

With the soar­ing mur­der rate, Grif­fith has come un­der heavy crit­i­cism in his fight against crime. His every ac­tion has be­come a top­ic for so­cial me­dia trolls.

Speak­ing with Guardian Me­dia, Dy­er-Grif­fith said she on­ly had con­trol over how she choose to re­spond to oth­ers.

She as­sures that she has her hus­band’s en­tire be­ing.

“What they choose to say or think or feel is up to them… Rest as­sured, we’re as good as gold, as our fam­i­ly con­tin­ues to be lift­ed in prayer on a dai­ly ba­sis. In terms of be­ing sup­port­ive and hav­ing his back, know this, I have his en­tire be­ing, not on­ly his back.”

Dy­er-Grif­fith de­scribes her hus­band as the most ded­i­cat­ed, in­tense and hard­work­ing hu­man she has ever en­coun­tered.