Nelson’s fate up to Bajans

THE CONTROVERSIAL STATUE of Lord Nelson may be moved to a maritime museum, but not before a public consultation on the matter.

This was the indication from Prime Minister Mia Amor Mottley during an online Zoom discussion Saturday night targeting the Barbadian diaspora entitled: We Gatherin’ 2020 – The Online Edition.

However, she stressed that National Heroes Square should be a place for Barbadian heroes.

“I would strongly encourage Barbados to follow me on this issue when we have the conversation [because] I, like you, believe National Heroes Square should be the home of a national hero of Barbados.

“I, like you, believe we will be in a better position . . . but the Government is not going to definitively state a position without a consultation,” she added.

She recalled that a commission formed to discuss Nelson’s fate more than ten years ago, recommended the monument should be moved to an area by the nearby Blackwoods Screw Dock in Cavans Lane.


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