NCB warns customers against online scammers

The National Commercial Bank Jamaica Limited (NCB) is reporting that scammers have again targeted its customers with a cleverly disguised phishing email following the announcement of an impending major system upgrade.

The phishing message is sent from with the subject line ‘NCB Upgrade: Urgent Attention Required’.

“We are aware of the circulation of fraudulent emails relating to our planned upgrade, and we’ve made every effort to advise our customers of what to do in situations like these,” said Lloyd Parchment, NCB’s Fraud Prevention Manager.

There has been a 96 per cent increase in phishing attacks on NCB customers in just six months.

The most recent email is said to include a link to a bogus website and unsuspecting customers who click on the link are then asked to submit their private banking details under the guise of updating their information to avoid service disruptions.

“Criminals have become extremely sophisticated, and many times, it is difficult to spot a fake email because of how authentic it appears,” Parchment said.