National Clean up of Abandonned Vehicles

The Ministry of Health, Wellness and the Environment in collaboration with the Antigua and Barbuda Police Force and the National Solid Waste Management Authority wishes to inform the citizens and residents of Antigua and Barbuda of a  National Clean-up targeting derelict and abandoned vehicles commencing on February 3rd 2020.

Preceding the physical removal of these vehicles from public property, a program of eradication for rodents and mosquitos will be carried out to protect property and households.

Additionally, the Antigua and Barbuda Police Force along with Litter Control and Prevention Wardens will begin immediately on Wednesday 15th January, 2020 marking all derelict and abandoned vehicles for removal and storage at the government sanitary landfill.

After two (2) weeks all marked vehicle or vehicles that remain on public property will be removed.  

Further, owners who object to the removal of vehicles from public property must immediately indicate to the said authorities a sound reason, why the vehicle should not be removed and also demonstrate capacity to store the vehicle on their private property in a manner not to create any public health risk ‘harbouring rodents, rats and mosquitos’.

In addition, any Citizen or Resident who wishes to obtain assistance to remove a derelict vehicle from their private property may contact the National Solid Waste Management Authority hotline at 562-1347 or Litter Wardens Hotline at 727-2467 for help.

The Ministry is appealing for full cooperation to eliminate this high risk environment condition which is a threat to human health, safety and our environment aesthetics.

In order to achieve efficiency in the execution of this program.

The Country will be divided into eight (8) districts to include the following areas which will begin the initial stages:

District 1: Old Road, Urlings, Johnsons Point, Crabbe Hill, Picartes (Dark Wood), Valley Church, Bolans, Jennings, Ebenezer, Green Castle, Emanuel Village, Bendals, Bathlodge, Cashew Hill, All Saints Road, Valley Church, Nut Grove, Golden Grove, Golden Grove New Extension, and Creekside.

District 2: St. John’s, Gray’s Farm, Five Islands, Golden Grove New Ext, Dona Vans, Perry Bay, Grays Green, Hatton, Cook’s Hill, Gray Hill, Side Hill, Denfieds

District 3:  Freetown, Newfield, Seatons, Glanvilles, Wilikies, Pares, Parham, Vernon’s, Seaview farm, Herbert’s, Gunthropes, Scott’s hill

The Ministry is thankful for the public support and looks forward to our continued collaboration as we strive to make Antigua and Barbuda the paradise we love and adore.


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