Nalco Champion Guyana, Inc. reiterates commitment to Guyana’s oil and gas development

Nalco Champion Guyana, Inc. on Monday reinforced its commitment to Guyana and continuing with its long-term plans of establishing a product storage facility in the country. 

Last week, Nalco Champion received an Interim Environmental Authorization from the EPA to begin operations at the John Fernandes Ltd. Main Terminal on Water Street. However, the interim authorization came with certain stipulations that would prevent the company from ensuring reliable operations in Guyana within the time-frame required to ensure reliable operations. 

“To provide the operational assurance of product supply to the Liza Destiny FPSO and meet our contractual obligations, we will begin operations from Trinidad. However, we will continue working with the EPA, local authorities and members of the community to secure our Environmental Authorization to establish long-term operations in Guyana,” John Waldvogel, Nalco Champion Guyana’s Country Readiness Manager was quoted as saying in a company statement.

“We remain committed to Guyana and operating in a responsible manner. Our top concern is ensuring safety of the environment and the communities in which we operate. We will continue supporting our Guyanese employees and work with the EPA, local authorities and the community to address questions about our operations,” he added. 

Nalco Champion operates storage facilities in communities worldwide in accordance with world-class international standards and has a proven track record of safe and sustainable operations. 

Nalco Champion, an Ecolab company, provides safe, sustainable chemistry programs and services to the upstream and midstream oil and gas industry, refineries and petrochemical operations in more than 170 countries around the world. Through onsite problem solving and the application of innovative technologies, we maximize production, optimize water use. 


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