THE killing of four people, including a disabled man, in separate incidents in the Chaguaramas, Beetham Gardens and Chaguanas areas between Saturday night and Sunday morning has taken the country’s murder toll for the year so far to 145.

For the corresponding period last year, the murder toll stood at 151.

In the first incident, investigating officers said sometime on Saturday night, security guard Roger Borriel, had just completed duties in Chaguaramas when, upon leaving his place of work, he was ambushed by gunmen and shot dead in the vicinity of Bowen Marine, along the Western Main Road.

In the second incident, homicide officers said around 8 a.m. the body of 20-year-old David Joseph, of Beetham Gardens, Port of Spain, was found in a pile of garbage off the east-bound lane of the Beetham Highway.

Police said they received information that it was only a few days ago that Joseph had an altercation with some other men from the area. The officers said there is the possibility that it was this altercation that led to Joseph being killed and his body dumped.

However, the officers said they were uncertain as to exactly when Joseph was killed, but believed the murder may have taken place sometime on Saturday since the body was not yet decomposing.

And in Chaguanas, the body of 60-year-old Simon Mitchell was found at his Church Street, Longdenville, home by a friend of his who came to visit around 8.30 a.m. yesterday. It was believed that Mitchell, who was disabled and lived alone, was killed on Saturday night from a single gunshot to the head.

Police said even though they were uncertain of the motive for his killing, just about two weeks ago arsonists unsuccessfully attempted to destroy the man’s home by setting it ablaze while he was inside.

They said they are not ruling out the possibility that the arsonists were the ones who had returned to the house “to complete the job.”

And Central Division police are investigating the death of a Couva man on Saturday.

Terry Ellie, 44, died while being treated at the Couva District Hospital at around 2pm.

Police said Ellie was involved in an altercation with a 34-year-old relative at his Savonetta home at around 2a.m.