Murders taking toll on children

CHILDREN WHO LOSE loved ones to murder are acting out violently in schools across the country.

And that, in turn, is placing even more pressure on Barbados’ already financially constrained and overburdened education system, Minister of Education Santia Bradshaw has suggested. 

The minister underscored this point about children “acting out” while delivering remarks at the opening of the EQ Barbados emotional intelligence workshop titled EQ In Education – Enabling A Better Barbados Tomorrow Today at the Samuel Jackman Prescod Institute of Technology, The Pine, St Michael yesterday.

Referring to the findings of a recent study conducted by her ministry in which nearly 200 students from various secondary schools who were identified as “at-risk” were interviewed, Bradshaw disclosed that a “common denominator” among them was the premature loss of a loved one through tragic circumstances, specifically murder.


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