Mud volcano eruption coming, residents warned

Residents of Piparo are sitting on a ticking time bomb after new findings by geo-scientist Xavier Moonan revealed new fissures and cracks at the mud volcano.

In his report, he indicated that the situation at the mud volcano and surrounding areas is getting worse and it is only a matter of time until it erupts.

In his assessment, the main vent on the volcano is leaning towards the north, which is in the direction of Panchoo Trace, and a main fracture at the central vent has gone downwards by another eight centimetres.

Moonan said the western side of the volcano is leaning and tilting downwards into the vent, meaning that it is collapsing on itself, as anticipated. Gases are emanating from holes in the ground in Panchoo Trace by a resident. Moonan said the gases are flammable.