MP Trevor Walker Says The Barbuda Council Is not Accepting Cabinet’s Warning With Regards To Crown Lands

Barbuda MP Trevor Walker  says the Barbuda Council will continue to do what it has been doing concerning crown lands on the sister isle.

To this end, Mr Walker said that the council will not accept cabinet’s recent announcement concerning the use of crown lands.

In last week’s cabinet notes, the cabinet issued a warning to residents about leasing lands that belongs to the state.

Members of the Barbuda council were told that a lease of any crown land is lawful, only if the lease is approved by the cabinet.

According to Mr Trevor Walker, the announcement coming from the cabinet is unacceptable.

“ we have a situation  where the Barbuda Council enjoys power sharing,where the council have certain responsibilities under the law,now the  Prime Minister is saying that you can’t do anything with lands until  the council gets  the approval of the cabinet,”mr trevor walker indicated.

The Barbuda representative said that the council  will not accept what is coming from the cabinet.

“as a matter of fact,one will remember that when the Land Act was repealed, we actually filed a legal challenge  constitutionally with regards to what the parliament did, and one will think that the government  will proceed with caution to ensure that when this matter is adjudicated, it will be solved.’’ Walker added.

He said it will be business as usual when it comes to the Barbuda  Council  concerning crown lands on the sister isle.