Mourners stop traffic on the highway

Mourners driving Nissan B-14s, B-15s and Tiidas blocked the Solomon Hochoy Highway with their vehicles on Monday to celebrate the life of a dead man.

Video footage of the brazen criminality showed a music truck coming to a stop on the north bound lane of the highway near Gasparillo and the driver getting out and walking about.

Drivers are seen desperately trying to get around the truck parked on the centre of the highway, with a long line of traffic following at around 3p.m.

A second clip shows the Nissans parked on the highway near the Gasparillo overpass and deliberately blocking traffic with the drivers and their female companions milling about shooting cell phone video of their antics.

The mourners were park of the procession attending the funeral for Miklos Thomas who was crushed to death at his Chaguanas work place on Tuesday.

Thomas, 28, of Marabella, was killed after he was crushed by a machine, at Diversified Limited at Factory Road where he worked as an information technician operator.

Southern Division Senior Superintendent Zamsheed Mohammed is aware of the incident.