Mottley’s challenge on climate change

Prime Minister Mia Amor Mottley has challenged the United Nations on climate change, telling the world that enough loss of life has occurred in recent decades.

Speaking in New York earlier this week on behalf of the Alliance of Small Island States, she declared: “The science is clear and the evidence is even clearer, that the lives of our people have been lost and properties abandoned, and these tell the story far better than any speech we can make in this great hall.”

Mottley said the Alliance has to keep temperature increases in that global community to less than 1.5 degrees annually to stay alive.

“In other words, two degrees needs to be taken off the table once and for all,” she added.

The Prime Minister suggested that an increase by one degree in temperature had already brought small island states to where there were today, accompanied by unacceptably high levels of catastrophic damage and loss of life.


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