Mottley: Govt not going by trends

With calls growing louder for Government to publicly endorse the Black Lives Matter movement, which has been raging in the United States in the last two weeks, Prime Minister Mia Amor Mottley made it clear yesterday that the country’s position was not going to be guided by trends but rather by its long-standing principles.

Addressing the House of Assembly during the Resolution Section 3 of the Special Loans Act Cap 105, Mottley reminded critics that not only do her words carry the weight of the country but also that of the wider region, as she is the chairman of CARICOM.

She explained that her administration was at the forefront of calls for global moral leadership to navigate the host of turbulent issues, which include the COVID-19 pandemic, climate issues, gender equality, economic enfranchisement and racial equality.

 “There are those who are saying that I have said nothing about Black Lives Matter, but they are forgetting that at this point in time I not only speak as Prime Minister of Barbados but for another two or three weeks as the chairman of CARICOM. . .” she said.


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