More than 50 assassins are walking around T&T, says Griffith

Commissioner of Police Gary Griffith says that the Intelligence agencies have revealed that there are over 50 ” shooters”, linked to various gangs, with most being active in taking out hits on opposing gang members.

And this has proven to be the root cause of a significant number of homicides in this country via gang activity, he says.

These individuals walk around with their firearms, knowing quite well that if held, it is usually a simple case of going to court next day, acquiring bail, and being issued with another firearm, to carry out their trade; which involves killing persons in cold blood, according to Griffith.

In a statement on Monday, Griffith said the Bail Amendment Bill was a critical tool to providing both a strong deterrent as well as ensuring that if and when such criminal elements are held, they can remain where they belong.

In the last decade, over 75% of homicides were carried out by persons with illegal firearms in this country, and most by a select few, he said.

Presently, anyone who is apprehended with a firearm, could be released on bail and be free to possibly assassinate the same person who was the informant that caused their initial arrest.

“This improper system has proven to be a liability in getting law abiding citizens to come forward and pinpoint possible shooters with illegal weapons.”

Griffith said that someone who has been arrested for possession of an illegal firearm must not be granted bail.

He believes that possession of an illegal firearm is enough for someone to lose their freedom and have bail restricted for 120 days.

He said this approach takes the guns away from criminals and gets potential cold-blooded murderers, off the streets.