More discontentment with the latest special economic zone

The leader of the United Progressive Party, Harold Lovell is denying allegations that a deal signed under the UPP government to develop the Seaforth estate into a resort included a waiver of 11 million dollars to transfer the title. Prime Minister Gaston Browne was making a comparison between the UPP deal and the latest special economic zone, but Lovell says that these two projects are different and it is grossly unfair for the Prime Minister to compare them.

“The UPP did not waive 11 million dollars in taxes to transfer the land title. That’s an outright lie, it didn’t happen. In 2009, the court had ordered that the previous owners of the company  transfer the company and the land for 7.5US million dollars. Whoever owns the company, owns the land.”

“So where does 11 million dollars come from, even if you use 10% of 7.5 million that’s $750,000.”

Lovell maintains that under the economic zone agreement there is no real benefit for the country and its people.

“Under this license, all taxes are waived; customs duty, environmental levy, ABST, the RRC, company tax everything and permission is given for a separate customs department run by the company and permission to hire a foreign labor force without any restrictions. All this at a time when people are being paid late, people out of work, people are hungry. How can the Gaston Browne government justify giving away jobs to a foreign labor force, giving away our customs department to a foreign entity and robbing the treasury of everything?”


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