Mixed moods among barbers, hairdressers

Hairdressers, beauty technicians, spa operators and barbers, among other professionals, will be returning to work today, as announced by Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley at Saturday’s media briefing.

In anticipation of the reopening of his shop, barber Keyv Young of Q-Styler Barbering and Skincare, in Barataria, was one of many people who spent yesterday sanitising and cleaning their office.

According to Young, the last two months of closure have been extremely difficult.

“I wish you could see under my shirt right now. My pores are rising. I’m excited. I am looking forward to serving my clients,” a visibly-excited Young said.

He added: “Our clients have been booking continuously on our booking page, which is fantastic. It’s good to know that we were missed.”

While the anticipation builds, however, Young has some issues to address.

Closed for two months, some bills had to be cut, he said, while he’s still owing on others.

“That has been a challenge all in itself, so much so that I’m still having to deal with paying those bills because some of these service providers aren’t as accommodating as I would have hoped,” he lamented.

Celeste Thomas, the owner of Melanin Magic, a small makeup services business, never imagined she would have had to wait two months to brush up a client’s face again.

She admitted a lack of funds took a toll on her business and her mental state but used the time at home to step up her marketing strategies.

“I started doing more lives, and interacting more with clients on social media, just to keep them there. To keep their interest,” Thomas said.

Asked what her reaction was to the Prime Minister’s announcement on Saturday, she laughed and said jokingly that,” It was just as good as hearing that KFC is going to be re-opened.”

“It was a relief. It was an ease. It was a reassurance that you can go back to making money and doing this without having that restraint,” she added.

Unlike Young and Thomas, Crysande Hochst is not overly-moved by today’s reopening.

For the owner of Crysande’s Spa and Makeup Studios Limited, the damage to her finances, and by extension, her business has been done.


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