Ministry of Agriculture presented with trophy for first runner-up position in Carnival Business Float Competition

The Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Barbuda Affairs said that it is proud to have earned the First Runner-up spot in the Business Float Segment of the 2019 Carnival Parade, although it was its first time entering such a competition.

Chairperson of the Activity Mrs. Shenneth Tonge-Roberts was presented with the Trophy on behalf of the ministry by Chairperson of the Opening Parade Sub-committee, Ms. Marcelle Freeland.

The Ministry of Agriculture used both the Opening and Closing of Carnival Parades to spread awareness about the Giant African Snail (GAS) Eradication Programme, which is considered timely, as the snails tend to appear mostly during the rainy periods.

Tonge-Roberts said that the participation of staff members and other supporters were well appreciated, as the message of how to eradicate snails from infested areas is very important.

She urged other government ministries and organizations to take part in the business float segment of the carnival parade,  as it is not only a great way to bring staff members together and have fun, but it is also an excellent platform to bring greater awareness of specific public messages in an environment with such a massive crowd.

Chief Plant Protection Officer, Dr. Janil Gore-Francis said that the thousands of Flyers which were distributed included the 10-point Management and Safety Plan on how to eradicate this invasive pest, were well received and she thinks that consideration will be given to broaden the focus at next year’s event.

Permanent Secretary, Mr. Colin O’Keiffee said that he was happy that the display was impressive enough to snatch the first runner-spot and he has pledged his support for any initiative that meets the public interest in a big way.

The agriculture officials have expressed gratitude to all staff members and other groups and organizations that have played a part in making the ministry’s presentation on the road a major success.


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