Ministry of Agriculture Float Captures 1st Place

Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Barbuda Affairs` participation in the Business Float Segment of the Opening and Closing of Carnival Parade 2019, earned the ministry First Place in the competition.

The focus of the involvement of staff members was to bring greater awareness about the Giant African Snail (GAS) Eradication Programme which is being managed by the Plant Protection Division, under the leadership of Chief Plant Protection Officer, Dr. Janil Gore-Francis.

Dr. Gore-Francis congratulated the ministry and said that she was pleased with the initiative at such a major public event where a lot of people can be reached.

“These snails have infested certain areas of the island and pose as a serious threat to human and animal life as well as the agriculture sector. The ministry gave out flyers which gave guidelines to highlight the threat of the snails and a Management and Safety Plan to eradicate them,” Dr. Gore Francis stated

Congrats and well done to all who made this happen, especially Chairperson for this activity, Mrs. Shenneth Tonge-Roberts and her hard working team.

The activity was held under Theme “Let’s Participate to Eradicate.”


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