Millions of Dollars’ Worth of Drugs Destroyed by Police

A total of Three Million, Three Hundred and Sixty-four Thousand; Two Hundred and Eighty Dollars and Fifty Cents worth of illegal drugs was destroyed by the police, during a Destruction Exercise at the Burma Quarry, on Friday 28th August.

This consisted of a total of 712 pounds of Cannabis with an estimated street value of EC$2,848,000.00, along with a total of 114 Pounds of Hashish (Cannabis Resin) estimated at $465,000.00.

There was also a total of 37.3 Grams of Cocaine, estimated at $1,305.50 and 1, 179½ Ecstasy tablets valued at $58,975.00 that made up the bulk of drugs destroyed by fire.

These are substances which resulted from cases disposed of in the Magistrate’s Court, as well as seizures made by Police and Customs.

Chief Magistrate, Joanne Walsh was among other court officials present to witness the destruction. This was the first major drugs destruction done for the year.


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