Met Office warns: Brace for rain, floods, landslides

The T&T Me­te­o­ro­log­i­cal Of­fice has is­sued an ad­verse weath­er alert for to­mor­row Oc­to­ber 3.

The Yel­low Lev­el alert will run for 12 hours to­mor­row, from 2am to 2pm to­mor­row when a trop­i­cal wave is ex­pect­ed to pass over T&T.

The trop­i­cal wave is ex­pect­ed to bring with it pe­ri­ods of show­ers, with a 60 to 80 per cent chance of heav­ier show­ers or thun­der­storm ac­tiv­i­ty. This ac­tiv­i­ty may start be­fore the 2am alert time as the Met Of­fice says show­ers can be­gin to en­croach on South­east Trinidad be­fore 2am. How­ev­er, the ad­vi­so­ry states the like­li­hood of im­pacts due to the pas­sage of the trop­i­cal wave will be high­est dur­ing the alert pe­ri­od.

The Met Of­fice says due to re­cent rains, the ground sur­faces are still sat­u­rat­ed and there is a height­ened risk of street/flash flood­ing.

Gusty winds in ex­cess of 55km/h are al­so ex­pect­ed and cit­i­zens are be­ing warned of pos­si­ble land­slides and land­slips in ar­eas so prone.