Meeting minutes missing, says CEO

Minutes recorded from several meetings of the Transport Board for a period now under investigation by the Public Accounts Committee (PAC) cannot be found.

This was revealed by current Transport Board chief executive officer (CEO) Fabian Wharton yesterday after Public Accounts Committee chairman, Opposition Leader Bishop Joseph Atherley, expressed concern that his committee could not find some board meeting minutes.

While Wharton indicated it was known that “several” board meetings had been held for which he assumed minutes had been recorded, he said he had carried out an extensive search and could not find the minutes in question, though he disclosed the PAC had been furnished with minutes recorded for 17 meetings.

Wharton’s revelation came as the PAC continued investigation into a range of issues highlighted in a recent Auditor General’s report surrounding questionable practices in the board’s previous operations. Among them, Atherley yesterday cited “replicated invoices” for work done, “high frequency of repairs” and “a missing bus”. 


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