LPG stakeholders urged to adhere to industry standards

The Ministry of Industry, Commerce, Agriculture and Fisheries is urging stakeholders in the liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) industry to adhere to the standards which are set for the industry.

In a statement released on Thursdat, Acting Director of Commerce in the ministry, Margaritta Sherwood, said in order to ensure the health and safety of the consuming public, stakeholders must be aware of the requirements and be in compliance with the three standards that have been developed for the sector by the Bureau of Standards Jamaica and the National Compliance and Regulatory Authority.

Sherwood, who was representing Chief Technical Director in the ministry, Monique Gibbs, was speaking yesterday at the Montego leg of the Awareness and Engagement Session for the LPG Monitoring Programme at the Montego Bay Convention Centre. 

“We have to ensure that we have a safe and effective LPG industry and the protection of our consumers.  It is imperative that the established regulations, codes and standards be enforced and additional programmes be established to improve the operations of filling plants,” Sherwood said.

She informed that some of the current practices being used in the industry are illegal, unethical and unsafe.

“Where these practices exist, they are putting people at risk, jeopardizing the reputation of the LPG industry and threatening the long-term prospects for the industry. Therefore, we have to ensure closer monitoring and surveillance of the industry in accordance with standards that will protect the integrity of the industry,” she said. 

Sherwood further noted that in order to protect the industry, the relevant codes and standards must be in place to protect not only consumers, but also the reputation of the marketing companies and distributors.


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