Lowe to DLP: Get cracking

FORMER Minister of the Environment Dr Denis Lowe is calling on members of the Democratic Labour Party (DLP) to band together, get up and get cracking.

He made the rallying call during a St John branch meeting at St John’s Parish Church annex yesterday evening entitled They Pretend To Care.

The Dems held the St John seat from the days of Errol Barrow through to David Thompson and later his wife Mara Thompson, before losing it to the Barbados Labour Party’s Charles Griffith in the May 2018 General Election.

“The people of St John should never allow anything, any unhappiness, discontent, disgust or anything of the sort politically to separate them from being their legacy, as in legacy parish, in this country. St John has the tradition of producing two outstanding Prime Ministers [Barrow and Thompson]. The birth and journey of Independence started right here, and if that is what we truly believe, it means we as members of the Democratic Labour Party have something precious to defend,” Lowe said.

He added that the DLP was not just a political party but a movement and had been so from inception.


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