Love is love, no doubt

IF people say they are in love, who are we to doubt them? This was the response from Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley when he was asked what would be the Government’s policy position on the possibility of marriages of convenience taking place between Venezuelans and Trinbagonians during the registration period in order to validate their permanent stay in the country.

Speaking at yesterday’s post-Cabinet news conference at the Diplomatic Centre in St Ann’s, the Prime Minister said: “I want to say something to the people of Trinidad and Tobago. We more than anybody else should know how to live in other people’s country. Because there is hardly a country in the world where there are not our nationals, including members of our family in some instances, from Colombia to Argentina, from London to Canada, where immigrants do all kinds of things. And if Venezuelans fall in love with Trinidadians, they say, you want to be the one to say they not in love?