Lockdown measures don’t work, says Dennis Chung

Elastven before Prime Minister Andrew Holness announced relaxed COVID-19 measures on Wednesdaylast, popular social commentator Dennis Chung reiterated his position against lockdowns aimed at curtailing the virus.

“They do not work,” he told OBSERVER ONLINE.

“The measures cannot work, it’s not possible for the measures to work,” Chung stated emphatically.

Chung, a chartered accountant who sits on several state boards, pointed out that in every other country where lockdowns have been implemented, once they open up, they are confronted with a rise in infections “because it’s a virus”.

“Secondly, if the incubation period is five to 12 days, how does a three-day lockdown help you?” he asked rhetorically before answering his own question. “It doesn’t help you”.

Chung acknowledged that a minimum lockdown of two weeks would be needed to defeat the virus but conceded that the country “cannot afford that”.

He pointed to the Scandinavian country of Sweden which avoided a lockdown and also conceded that they had a lot of deaths at the onset of the virus towards the end of 2019 and early 2020.