Local Egg Farmer speaks of his operation

Owner of D & G Poultry, Mr. Derrick Jackson has been running one of the biggest poultry farm operations in Antigua for approximately twenty (20) years.

Our Communications Department within the Ministry of Agriculture recently visited his farm located at Orange Valley and was impressed with the level of operation and work involved in getting Eggs to consumers and various business outlets.

 Jackson said that the Layer Farm currently houses some twenty thousand (20,000) chickens and each lays an egg a day.

The white birds lay white eggs and the brown birds lay brown eggs.

Mr. Jackson explained that they import the feed from Grenada every two (2) weeks – two (2) containers of about eighteen hundred (1,800) bags.

 The chickens are fed through a Silo which is an auto fill contraption which grinds and  stores the feed and then feeds the chickens on an automated timer each day.

 “If they miss a feeding, they will not produce any eggs the following day” explained Mr. Jackson.

He stated that currently,  the market demand for local eggs is a bit low, but the large cooler facility which forms an major part of his operation,  efficiently  stores the eggs .

The local egg farmer said that for now, he is very comfortable with the level of  operation  as the business produces so many eggs on a daily basis.

He would however like  to see an increase in the demand for local eggs.