Linton appeals to overseas supporters to ‘pay your passage’ and come to vote

Prime Minister and political leader of the Dominica Labour Party (DLP), Roosevelt Skerrit, recently urged Dominicans living in Antigua to come home to vote to ensure the re-election of his party and the continued development of the country. Now, Opposition Leader and leader of the United Workers Party, Lennox Linton is countering that DLP strategy by encouraging Dominicans living overseas to come and vote to save the country – with one condition – that they do so without accepting bribes.

At a Town Hall Meeting in the Bronx, New York of Sunday, July 7, Linton accused the Dominica Labor Party (DLP)  of planning to ‘steal’ elections through overseas votes.

“They are planning to steal elections again and they are planning to steal elections with overseas votes. Bribery is a criminal offense under the election laws of Dominica and its a criminal offense in the defense of our democracy,” he stated. “Dollar bills must not vote’ it is the conscience of people that must vote. You cannot be casting a ballot because somebody paid $200 or paid your airfares to come down. You cast your ballot because in your heart you think this is the right thing to do.”

The UWP leader told his audience that they need to be more involved in order to change the administration of Dominica.

“Dominicans, save your country. I believe there are more people in the United States of America [who] originated in Dominica, who have the capability to pay their own passage, go down to Dominica to vote than people who will accept the bribe of the Labour Party to come home to vote and corrupt the result of election,” Linton said

He added, “If you want to save your country put the little money aside now. They want to use people that they can bribe from up here to come and influence the result. You get involved and swamp them in Dominica. The right thing is a vote of conscience to change the administration that has not worked for Dominica.”

Linton said that the DLP political rally which recently took place in Antigua was held to distract Dominicans from the Concerned Citizens Movement (CCM) electoral reform rally in Roseau.

“Last week, hundreds of Dominicans were ferried  to a political event in Antigua. That whole exercise was a half a million dollar national distraction away from the patriots of Dominica who were hosting an electoral reform rally in the city of Roseau. He took people from all around Dominica, payed for a boat, send them to Antigua,” he stated. “While they went to Antigua on the boat, he went on the plane and when he arrived at the airport in Antigua, the people that came on the ferry were moved to the airport to welcome him with the money from the sale of Dominican passports.”

He told his audience that this is a full frontal assault by one man, “not just on the sensibilities of the people of Dominica but on their Democracy and on their right to decide who should be in their government.”


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