LETTER: Why Are Banks Still Not Fully Open?

Dear Editor,

It is now clear to me that the restrictions placed on banking hours had nothing to do with COVID-19. In fact, it proved to me that the banking cabal in this country never really cared about their customers.

Given the progress which has been made regarding COVID-19 you’d have thought by now that banks would have announced the resumption of normal banking hours. The banking hours before COVID-19 were already limited. It’s been three weeks now since the banks are operating four hours a day and longer if you count the period when they only opened two days a week.

I say this is highly unacceptable. The restriction on banking hours can no longer be justified now that the local economy has opened up. I want to know the justification for the continued dehumanising treatment from these banks.

They must realise it is us the customers who make them and we can certainly break them. When this crisis is over, one of the things I will remember is how poorly we were treated by these local banks who collectively disregarded us.



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