Le Hunte says he has no rift with Rowley

Former Public Utilities minister Robert Le Hunte says he has no regrets over his resignation from Cabinet and has no rift with Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley.

And despite stunning his colleagues with the move over the weekend, Le Hunte says he will remain committed to the People’s National Movement (PNM) since they are his family.

“So regrets, I don’t have regrets,” Le Hunte told the T&T Guardian, saying people will judge him on his performance and values.

Asked if a rift between himself and Rowley had led to his resignation, Le Hunte put the matter to rest, stating categorically, “There is no tension on my side with regards to the Prime Minister.”

It was reported that Le Hunte resigned because Cabinet’s would not approve his proposal of a $1.5 billion metering system for WASA customers.

To this, he said, “I note the recent speculative reports based on anonymous sources which attempt to give an account of what transpired in Cabinet. My integrity and professionalism dictates that I do not breach the sanctity of Cabinet and I will do so under no circumstances. I did not achieve the strides made in my professional career by making outrageous proposals and displaying public insubordination.”

Le Hunte, however, thanked Rowley for providing him with countless opportunities to grow and serve T&T.

“The Prime Minister has stood by me a number of times when other people may not have,” he said.

He said following his resignation, he was touched by words of encouragement from people he had helped during his tenure.

“Their gratitude is sufficient for me to feel justified that I have done the work. That is all I ever wanted. My expectation was to serve people and I have done that,” Le Hunte said, adding he has always been a professional.

“As a professional, I did what I did. If you don’t stand for something you would stand for nothing. I have stood for something and I have offered my letter of resignation to the Prime Minister, which he accepted.”

He said his resignation required careful thought and consultation with God.

“If you feel that you have a policy position that is not the position, then I think you need to offer your resignation to the Prime Minister, which is what I did. I always do what I feel is right and proper.”

In his resignation letter to Rowley, which was leaked on social media unknown him, Le Hunte said his interpretation of the PM’s last instructions was to work with the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) on developing a comprehensive plan to bring a 24/7 water supply to T&T within the shortest possible time and move away from the dependency on desalinated water.

Le Hunte said that plan was completed through a lot of hard work done by the IDB, ministry and himself, which led to a note being laid before Cabinet.


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