Jones Town (The Peoples Temple) almost rose from the dead in Montego Bay

By Arvel Grant, Political and current Affairs Analyst

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November 18th, 1978, gave the World one of the most disturbing mass murder of the faithful by a spiritual leader. The US preacher,  reverend Jim Jones, leader of the People’s temple (an off-the-grid,  bush  settlement)  established in Guyana, is reported to have ordered the mass murder of more than 800 of his  followers,  deep in the  jungle, near Guyana’s  border with Venezuela.

 The weapon of choice? A cocktail of a poisoned Brue, referred to as “the Cool-aid”.

Jim Jones may even  have   used force of arms to dictate   his murderous sacrificial ritual.

So horrific and remote was the murder scene, the clean-up had to be undertaken using military logistics. Did Reverend Jim Jones kill his followers to hide evidence from US authorities?

43 years later,  The reverend Dr Kevin  Smith,  leader of the Pathway  International Kingdom  restoration Ministries in Paradise,  near Montego Bay Jamaica, may  have  summoned congregants to   come urgently to his temple, dressed in white (without  mobile phones)  in order to “escape  the pending flood”. Up to   144 women, children and men obeyed.

The police eventually received a call from an injured member, who managed to escape,  what may have been an attempt to offer her up as a sacrifice. So brutish and murderous was the scene inside the religious sanctuary that police first responders were met with gun fire, forcing them to retreat and call for back-up. In the meantime, at least 1 member of the Reverend Dr Smith’s   congregation,  might have already been sacrificed. Some believe   only a quick response by the high command of the Montego Bay police and a commando-style entry to the place of worship, prevented many more members of the cult from being offered-up.

What, if anything could the Canadian-trained psychologist be trying to hide? If he spent 10 years in Canada before returning to Jamaica as a psychologist, He is certainly not your typical”half-baked-street-pastor, trying to con vulnerable be lievers out of money and property.  If   his church really  collects more than a million dollars each week, he is definitely on to a quite successful business module, if not a criminal enterprise. Is it a fact  that his congregation includes: Security officers, school teachers, Health workers and tax collectors?  Then, one   cannot count his followers as being among Jamaica’s poor and vulnerable??? Some may  believe he was a good man, even performing miracles, but that   he became “radicalized”? A psychologist masquerading as a minister of religion,  can shaft  anyone who wants to be had.

Contextually, it is believed that Jamaica owns the unique contradiction:  Of most churches per capita, along with one of the highest murder rate in the world. Throughout history, where ever societies descended into intractable and uncontrollable mayhem, Fundamentalist religion and organized crime have  often   been key ingredients in the toxic brew. The intelligence community, in Jamaica, may wish to  include this historical fact in its calculus, going forward

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Arvel Grant, Political and Current Affairs Analyst

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