JCI Antigua Joins Massy United Insurance in providing $7,000 worth of food vouchers

JCI Antigua recently partnered with Massy United insurance in providing Thirty-five (35) food vouchers worth $200 each for persons who are in need during these unprecedented times.

The 35 recipients of these food vouchers were nominated based on their needs and vulnerability due to the economic fallout from COVID-19.

Massy United decided to partner with JCI Antigua because of the youth-based organization’s mandate of being good, active citizens. Massy United, understanding the current economic climate and their role as good cooperate citizens noted how important it is to lend a helping hand to those in need.

Due to JCI Antigua’s work within communities across Antigua and Barbuda, they were able to identify and nominate the recipients of these food vouchers which are redeemable at Anjo wholesale.

In a brief handing over ceremony, Harry Hobson Office Manager for Massy United presented the thirty-five 35 vouchers to President of JCI Antigua, President Andrea Smithen.

During the ceremony, Hobson said, “On behalf of Massy United through Local Agent ,Anjo Insurance , we are indeed happy to work along with JCI Antigua in this goodwill gesture. Massy United reached out to Anjo Insurances to offer some relief during this challenging time.”

The Office Manager expressed how impressed he was of the work JCI Antigua has done and continue to do and encouraged the organization to keep up the great work.

President Andrea Smithen, President of JCI Antigua expressed how timely this joint venture was as JCI Antigua’s Week of Activities Committee was wondering what community outreach they could do.  President Smithen said, “JCI Antigua and the week of activities committee is most elated that Massy United through their local agents Anjo insurance could partner with JCI Antigua in this timely initiative that would assist those who are in need. This sustenance will go a long way!”

Ms. Kalilah Christopher, Marketing Representative for Anjo Insurances, local agent for Massy United was also on hand to aid the handing over ceremony.


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