J’cans urged to recognize the importance of safeguarding themselves against COVID-19

ST JAMES, Jamaica — Minister of Health and Wellness, Dr Christopher Tufton, says Jamaicans need to recognise the importance of safeguarding themselves against the coronavirus (COVID-19), as the country approaches a fourth wave of the pandemic.

Addressing a handover ceremony for COVID-19 home testing kits, at the Montego Bay Convention Centre in Rose Hall, St James on December 30, Tufton said bolder decisions will become necessary, going forward as he noted that vaccination against COVID-19 is proceeding slower than anticipated, nationally.

“After two years, with the number of solutions that are available, whether it is vaccination, testing or just information, it justifies a level of continuity within our society; but also where we begin to discriminate in favour of persons who have been vaccinated,” the minister said.

In a release, Tufton shared that Jamaicans who are partially or fully vaccinated should not be inconvenienced by those who continue to ignore the country’s immunisation efforts.

“We are now at a point, as a country, where we have to come to terms with the need to ensure that those who take the time to get vaccinated are not, in any way, shape or form, placed at a disadvantage by those who are not vaccinated,” Dr Tufton maintained.

“Also, as individuals invite persons into [their] homes, workspaces and otherwise, [they] should be required to comply with stricter requirements as we confront this public health threat,” he added.

It is against this background that Dr Tufton urged all well-thinking Jamaicans to take the COVID-19 vaccines and adhere to the safety protocols.


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