J’can teacher fined for beating infant in BVI

A Jamaican teacher was fined and given a suspended sentence in the British Virgin Islands for reportedly inflicting 11 lashes on a two-year-old for soiling the school’s bathroom walls with faeces .

Sharon Salmon, 52, was ordered to pay US$500 in one month or, in default, serve 30 days at Her Majesty’s Prison. She was additionally given a three-month prison sentence which was suspended for one year.

The court was told that on November 6, she took the child to the bathroom after suspecting that he needed a diaper change. It is reported that during the cleaning process, Salmon realised that she did not bring baby wipes so she left the child unattended to retrieve some from another room.

Upon her return, she saw the toddler holding the soiled diaper and saw faeces smeared on the bathroom walls.

The court heard that she used an unknown object to inflict the blows to the child’s thighs and buttocks. The mother of the toddler took the child to seek medical attention and later reported the incident to the school and police.

Salmon, who is still a teacher at the school, was subsequently charged.