Jamaica’s civil aviation boss heads international body

AS Jamaica continues to play a leading role in global efforts to engender a uniformly safe, sustainable and efficient air transport industry, its civil aviation industry and the Jamaica Civil Aviation Authority (JCAA) has been thrust into the leadership position.

At a gathering of the international aviation community’s governing body on September 24, delegates at the 40th assembly elected JCAA’s Director General Nari Williams-Singh as president of the International Civil Aviation Organization’s (ICAO’s) 40th Assembly.

More than 2,600 ministers and high-ranking government officials attended the launch of the United Nation’s aviation agency’s 40th Assembly at its Montréal headquarters at which the ICAO delegates made the decision during the opening session and plenary. The assembly is being held from September 24-October 4.

The assembly is convened triennially to allow delegates and other representatives to deliberate on and endorse the upcoming three-year work programme for ICAO, while establishing a new global consensus on the priorities to be pursued by the global aviation industry, through the UN aviation agency.

As president of ICAO’s 40th Assembly, Williams-Singh will provide support to manage the event’s efficient decision-making processes on topics with global ramifications. These include revisions to ICAO’s Global Plans for aviation safety, and air navigation capacity, efficiency, and security.

His leadership role will also extend to spearheading deliberations that will lead to endorsements of new ICAO environmental trends and forecasts, as well as agreements that facilitate ICAO’s continued leadership role in the promotion of important socio-economic benefits for all aviation stakeholders.


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