Jamaica has lost a political giant, Phillips says of Seaga

Leader of the People’s National Party (PNP), Dr Peter Phillips has described Jamaica’s fifth Prime Minister Edward Seaga, as a giant in the cultural, social, economic life of independent Jamaica.

Phillips said that Seaga’s passing today represents the end of an era in Jamaica’s political and social development.

“For close to sixty years, Mr Seaga was a gigantic and powerful presence, having started out as an anthropologist, he made his commitment to representational politics and became the first Member of Parliament to serve more than one term in Western Kingston, a seat he represented for a record 43 years, from 1962 until his retirement in 2005,” Phillips said in a statement.

Phillips noted that the former prime minister was the last surviving member of the original select committee which drafted the Jamaican Constitution in 1962, “a responsibility that gave an indication of the scope and scale of the subsequent impact of his contribution to Jamaican life.

“Over the years, Mr Seaga never lost his love for, and close attachment to Jamaican music and the religious culture. He was, without doubt, a forerunner in the development of Jamaican music,” Phillips said.

Phillips highlighted that Seaga’s role in nation building spans several sectors.