‘Immunise… Save Lives’ JN urges members, employees

THE Jamaica National Group yesterday revealed it is gearing up to embark on a comprehensive drive to achieve full immunisation against COVID-19 among its more than 2,000 employees and, by extension, Jamaicans islandwide.

Aptly called the ‘Immunise…Save Lives’ campaign, the multimillion-dollar drive is in support of the national COVID-19 vaccination programme and will arm people with information so they can make the best decision to protect themselves and their families, and place the country back on track to achieving its development goals.

In pursuit of these objectives, JN said it will be engaging communities in conversations, establishing various vaccination sites at several of its locations across the country, and implementing exciting incentives for its employees and members who choose to protect themselves and others from the ravaging respiratory disease that has already killed more than 1,800 Jamaicans since March last year and infected more than 81,000.

“As an organisation, our purpose goes beyond an opportunity to save in a savings account and obtain financial and other services,” a company release quotes JN Group Chief Executive Officer Earl Jarrett. “Our true purpose has always been to enrich lives and enhance outcomes so that together, as one people, we can always be confident that we can achieve any possibility.”

The company noted that although Jamaica now has a fair supply of three different brands of vaccines for distribution — Pfizer, AstraZeneca, and Johnson & Johnson — many Jamaicans remain hesitant about immunisation, due mainly to organised disinformation, locally and globally, that has distorted understanding of how the vaccines protect people.

“The Immunise…Save Lives campaign will be centred on simplifying information for Jamaicans by using accessible language, visuals and personas that will drive home the point. It will also seek to further expand physical access to the vaccines through partnership with the Ministry of Health and Wellness,” JN said.

“The project will be driven by the JN Group Member Ombudsman Claudine Allen, who is also general manager of the JN Foundation,” the company added.

“The objective is to establish trust and understanding, and to achieve that we will be relying on the personalities, situations and language that are familiar to people and that they can identify with,” the release quotes Allen.

The foundation, JN explained, will rely on a strategically designed mass education campaign that will engage the public and employees in several fora on the ground and on the airwaves, through online discussions and other means, to provide information and develop understanding and trust.

There are also special groups who will be targeted for immunisation, such as the elderly, people with special needs and transport operators.

“We will be using all possible avenues to reach people, including volunteers, community outlets, public transport and other means,” Allen emphasised, “and we will be designing sites in a way so that they are accessible to various groups, even if we have to bring it to them.”

The JN Group network itself will be saturated with messages as the group intentionally seeks to influence its employees who will play an important role in carrying the JN message.

“We are going to be hosting interesting sensitisation sessions with employees and also targeting specific groups to help to carry the message within the network and to the public,” Allen disclosed.

The organisation said it will be dispensing $1 million in rewards monthly over the next three months to 200 people, who will be randomly selected each month from October to December to receive $5,000 on a JN Money Card for making the decision to get immunised.

“Saving lives isn’t as difficult as we think. It’s as simple as seeking and spreading facts about COVID-19, being serious about personal hygiene and washing our hands, or getting a little jab. You’ll be amazed at how small, personal actions can save thousands,” Allen said. “We urge everyone to play their part.”