‘If you get sick, you take that responsibility’ says Holness, as new COVID infections soar In Jamaica

Prime Minister Andrew Holness today stood firm on his declaration that there will be no more country-wide lockdowns to address the spread of COVID-19. 

He maintained his stance while answering questions from journalists during a press conference this morning. 

As the country battles the fourth wave of the deadly respiratory disease, Holness insisted that persons should get vaccinated to protect themselves. 

“I have been very clear in parliament; very clear absolutely, gone overboard to say we are not going back to lockdowns, so be calm,” he said.

“And I have said what the strategy is. It is now in your hands. Go and take the vaccine. That is the strategy. We can’t hold you down and put the needle in your hand. If you get sick, you take that responsibility.”

He continued: “There is an option. We have vaccines all over the place. We have sites all over the place. I don’t hear one person complain that they can’t get the vaccine anywhere.”

“Go and get vaccinated. Argument done,” he said. 

Jamaica yesterday experienced its highest daily toll of infections since the pandemic. The health ministry reported that just under 1,600 new cases of the disease were confirmed and the positivity rate was only marginally below 50 per cent. They also reported that there were six additional deaths that occurred last week. 


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