Hurricane-weary Guyanese ask Guyana gov’t to evacuate them to their homeland

Guyanese in hurricane-battered Bahamas on Sunday appealed to the Guyana government to assist many of them to be evacuated back to their home country as they have lost all of their belongings, homes and jobs.

“What we would like the Guyanese authorities to do is to coordinate evacuations for the return home of those Guyanese who will want to come back home. We know that some people have lost everything and they may not be replaced at those jobs, particularly the teaching jobs,; some of them simply do not exist anymore,” Vice President of the Guyana-Bahamas Association, Vibert Williams told News-Talk Radio Guyana/Demerara Waves Online News.

Williams said none of the Guyanese, who are residing on that archipelago, has been reported dead or injured. A number of them have been evacuated from flattened islands such as Abaco and Grand Bahama to the capital, Nassau.

Williams said the association has so far accounted for 40 Guyanese, partly due to the fact that many of the estimated 4,000 Guyanese who reside there have not registered with his entity. There is an estimated 4,000 Guyanese living in The Bahamas.

The Guyana-Bahamas Association Vice President also called on Guyanese back home to mobilise cash through a central organisation such as the Guyana Teachers’ Union (GTU) and arrange to send it to a designated bank account in The Bahamas. Williams assured that all monies received would be properly accounted for. “The association will make sure that any donations, whether it is cash or kind, is correctly managed and accounted for and that it reaches those who need it the most – that’s our commitment,” he said.


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