Hungary tourist boat accident

At least four more bodies have been recovered as salvage crews raised the wreck of a tourist boat that sank on the Danube in Budapest last month.

Divers entered the boat as a floating crane slowly brought it to the surface.

The Mermaid was carrying South Korean tourists when it was in collision with a cruise ship and capsized, leaving 20 people dead and eight others missing.

Recovery efforts by Hungarian and South Korean teams have been hampered by high water levels in the Danube.

Footage from the scene on Tuesday morning showed the cabin and upper deck of the boat emerge from the water and divers then carry out a search for victims still trapped inside.

Pumps then removed water from the hull and the rest of the 70-year-old boat was slowly brought to the surface. The whole operation is expected to take several hours.

The four bodies recovered have not been formally identified. However, they are believed to be those of the boat’s Hungarian captain and three South Koreans including a six-year-old girl – the only child who died in the accident – the BBC’s Budapest correspondent Nick Thorpe says.

Crowds lined the nearby Margaret Bridge to watch the operation.

“It is the first time (I came here) after the tragic event,” said Budapest resident Janos Kadar.

“It is very upsetting to think that this could have happened, such tragic events.”