Hundreds more warned for breaching curfew in St Catherine

The police are reporting more than 200 people were warned for breaches of the Disaster Risk Management (DRM) regulations in the St Catherine South Division on Monday.

According to the police, lawmen staged coordinated operations between 8:00 pm and midnight at various locations across the division, including Portmore and Old Harbour.

The police said in one of the operations, 34 people who were allegedly found at a party in Parrot Close in Hellshire in the parish were formally charged under the DRM Act.

They are scheduled to appear in the St Catherine Parish Court on Friday, November 24.

Other results from the activities across the division include:

• Five offensive weapons were seized

• 442 people were searched

• 339 motor vehicles were stopped

• 210 people were warned for breaches of the DRM regulations

• 96 sets of vehicle documents were inspected

• 27 tickets were issued for breaches of the Road Traffic Act.


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